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New England Fish Reports


October 28, 2010

Cheryl, seen kneeling with her catch of the day -

44 keepers - almost all haddock!


Cheryl - our highliner who set the new record for the boat with 44 keepers.

06-Jun-16 Deep Sea Fishing
31-May-15 May 30th- Deep Sea

Another fantastic deep sea fishing trip! Although the seas kicked up in the afternoon, the boat limited out on keeper haddock and everyone went home with lots of pollock as well. There are still some prime June dates available for private charters! Call us at 978-462-2017 to book.

09-May-15 The local Deep Sea bite is on!

The local Deep Sea bite is on! Boats have been limiting out on haddock, getting some good sized cusk and lots of redfish. This year's regulations are unlimited pollock, redfish, cusk & whiting, 3 haddock bag limit per person, and 1 halibut per trip. Even though cod is closed this year, there are plenty of great eating fish to catch!

There are still a few charter dates open. Call soon to book! 978-462-2017

03-Jan-15 Happy New Year!

The Erica Lee II is under new ownership! Captain Bob Bishop and his wife Beth have taken over the helm and will continue to offer deep sea charters, bass and blues trips, sunset cruises and more. Bob has grown up here in Newburyport and has worked on the water his entire life. He has been a captain for 15 years now, working for Captains' Fishing Parties and aboard other local boats. He brings a wealth of fishing knowlege with him to the Erica Lee II and looks forward to a great 2015 fishing season! Beth has been with our Coastal Discoveries children's program since it's beginning 27 years ago. With their combined local knowlege and their excitement to be working on the water, they will continue to offer the same great level of customer service that the Erica Lee II is known for.

New for this year: Starting in June, we will be offering walk aboard Stripped Bass trips on on Tuesday and Thurday evenings from 5:30-8 and we will continue our Monday and Wednesday walk aboard Deep Sea fishing trips once the new cod and haddock limits are released. Reservations are required, so please call ahead. We will be closely following any new fishing regulations and will keep you updated as they are released.

To reserve your trips for 2015 call Beth at 978-462-2017. Charter dates will be filling up fast!

We look forward to seeing you aboard during the 2015 season!

28-Aug-14 Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Yesterday's Walkaboard Wednesday was a success!  Our group of 13 anglers headed out at 6AM and returned at 4PM with about 60 fish - a mix of cod and haddock with some pollock.  We are still not sure of what Sept. and Oct. will bring with the new fishing regs, but will be posting that info as soon as we receive it. 

28-Jul-14 July 26, 2014

Happy Fishermen aboard the Erica Lee II

The fishing has finally improved.  As you can see by these pictures, the haddock have returned along with a few cod and one halibut.  

05-May-14 May 5, 2014

Bob is just coming in to the dock and sent these photos along - no story yet!  Stay tuned...Lee

04-May-14 May 4, 2014


Left the dock at 6AM with a group of regulars. We drifted with the chute for the first drift. Our group of 15 anglers and 3 crew was 3 shy on the nice-sized haddock. We made a move for cod and ended up with 20 cod and about 60 redfish  

28-Apr-14 APRIL 28, 2014

Walkaboard Monday - left the dock at 6 AM with 14 anglers - North/northeast winds 12-15 knots - seas 1-2' - and the sun came out around noontime.  We made a couple of anchor moves and then drifted on the chute.  We ended the day with about 100 fish - averaging 12 fish per person.  The pool was based on the most fish instead of the usual biggest fish - the pool was won by a woman who had never been deep-sea fishing before.  Nothing like going home with a bucket of fillets and money! 


We left the dock at 6AM with 13 anglers.  Winds were light and variable out of the east with a 1-2' chop

We remained in one spot all day with a constant flow of fish.

We ended the day with 134 fish - mostly haddock - some cod and redfish. 

27-Apr-14 April 26, 2014

Another successful deep-sea fishing trip for a long-time group aboard the



Our first Walkaboard Monday - good weather and a great group of anglers. Bob and Brandon left the dock at 6AM and returned with 94 fish - a mix of cod and haddock. There were still many, many small fish that had to be discarded. Now a wo...rd about that! For those of you who think these small fish don't survive after being brought up from 200+ feet here is a bit of info and an example from today: If a fish is gut-hooked it will most likely not survive. If the hook is in the fish's mouth and gently removed and the fish is returned quickly to the water, it has a good chance of living. Now, here is something that happened today. One of our anglers was using a pink, plastic gulp lure. He pulled a fish up and dropped it and it swam away with the lure in it's mouth. About 20 minutes later another angler pulled in a fish that had the pink lure in its mouth. See More


20-Apr-14 First Trip of 2014

April 19th - we left the dock at 6AM with 16 anglers onboard for our first trip of the 2014 season.  This group always strives to be the first trip and is comprised of mostly skilled anglers.  Winds were out of the West/Northwest - used the 'chute all day.  Drifts were nice and comfortable.  The fish were there, but many too small.  This seemed to be the norm between a 5-10 mile range on Jefferies Ledge.  Conservatively 500 fish were caught, but only 100 were kept - all cod and haddock.   

27-Jul-13 JULY 27, 2013




21-Jul-13 Bass Fishin'



Striper fishing is always an adventure, but striper fishing aboard the Erica Lee II with a great family/friend group last evening was quite special.  The extreme heat of the day faded away as we set out to grab a few mackerel.  The sea was calm - storms were visible inland.  Our group broke out some wonderful fare to share with each other as Capt. Bob headed to a special striper spot.  A few stripers were caught, the moonrise and sunset were stunning and the return trip was quite relaxing as we went from listening to the Red Sox (they lost!) to some easy-listening music. 

21-Jul-13 July 20, 2013


Deep-Sea fishing aboard the Erica Lee II - sometimes in the heat of the summer, the catch falls a bit short - but not for these anglers who enjoyed a good day at sea with Capt. Bob and crew.

21-Jul-13 We do Kayaks on the Erica Lee II



Besides being the Owner/Co-designer/builder and Captain of the Erica Lee II, Bob is very innovative in helping to make the boat capable of handling various experiences that we offer. Although her primary construction was to continue to operate our fishing charters, Coastal Discoveries education program, commercial tuna fishing and sunset cruises, Bob put together some framework to carry kayaks.  Plum Island Kayak and Erica Lee Charters have been partnering for about 12 years, carrying passengers and their kayaks out to the Isle of Shoals.  Once at the Shoals, the adventure begins on the back side of Duck Island where kayakers meet and greet many seals.  Then we meander across to Appledore Island for a brief visit followed by a short paddle to meet the Erica Lee II in Gosport Harbor for an on-board cookout - prepared by Capt. Bob - a man of many talents!  

28-Jun-13 Striper Time!


It's striper time on the Merrimack and although the weather was not with us this morning and the stripers arrived at the bottom of the tide, Bob and Brandon extended the time to make the trip a success - 4 keepers - 4 good sized stripers that got away! and a bunch of undersized throwbacks.


24-Jun-13 JUNE 23, 2013



17-Jun-13 JUNE 14, 2013







Walkaboard Wednesday - June 12, 2013.  Ken holds up some of the great catch of the day - including his pool-winning fish.

We had a great mix of new friends, old friends and our regular bunch of Walkaboard Wednesday anglers.  The weather was a bit of a challenge with showers off and on, an occasional squall and some challenging seas.  However, the fishing was excellent and everyone caught their limit of cod with a few haddock, pollock and cusk mixed in.  The fish took both baits and jigs. 

05-Jun-13 June 4, 2013

We had a great group of seasoned anglers who finally got our fish numbers over 100!  The catch consisted of almost all cod - and most were caught on jigs.  Bob had a great time teaching our current record holder and good friend, Cheryl, how to jig - and jig she did, snagging 7 or 8 fish. 

05-Jun-13 June 5, 2013



We left the dock at 6AM with 15 anglers - including 11 newcomers from New Jersey.

Everyone started out on jigs and then switched to bait.  We ended the day with a mixed bag of fish -

more cod than haddock.  A 13 lb pollock took the pool. 


02-Jun-13 June 1st and June 2nd 2013

We can wrap these two days up in one report.  Both trips were all-day deep-sea trips, comprised of a mixture of fishing talents.  Sea and wind conditions on Saturday were good - we had a good group of anglers onboard, but the fish just did not show up in any great numbers.  Sunday, we were dealing with wind and rough sea conditions - a few bouts of seasickness and again not a great fish day. 

27-May-13 Memorial Day Fishing Trip

The Erica Lee II left the dock at 6AM with a group of 13 anglers.  The weather was a huge improvement over the past few days of nasty sea and wind conditions.  The sun finally came out and the temperature finally warmed up; however, the fish did not show up and our catch numbers were not what we had been seeing lately.  

23-May-13 May 22, 2013

Brandon with one of our prize anglers!

Our new crew-member Brandon, on the right, helps

one of our prize anglers hold up his catch of the day.

Walkaboard Wednesday is always a fun time on the boat for Bob -

He likes the mix of anglers and talent. 

May 22, 2013 - turned out to be a good fish day averaging about

10-12 fish per person - a mix of cod and haddock.

19-May-13 Summary of 4 trips

The fishing has been slow since our last report for Wed., May 15th.   The numbers have been down due to the new minimum size for haddock of 21".  Many fish are being thrown back due to size.  An angler who can handle both jig fishing and bait fishing will be more successful with their catch.  Those fishermen who check their bait will also have a better day.  Today we had a group who had some skilled anglers and the catch numbers have finally started to come up - with a total of 70 fish for the day. 

16-May-13 Walkaboard Wednesday

Although fishing has been a bit slow lately, these Walkaboard Wednesday regulars had a great day -  with the wind and tide going in the same direction and all the lines getting tangled, Bob decided to motordrift - As you can see, this maneuver paid off and everyone went home with a good catch.

09-May-13 MAY 8th CONTINUED

Although the weather and sea conditions could have been better, the

fishing was really good - with a total of 173 fish - a mixture of some

good sized haddock and cod.

Two "Old Salts" reunited aboard the Erica Lee II

Bob and Tony go way back and have fished together many times.

Though Tony has settled on the West coast, his family ties bring

him home often and the "fish stories" continue..................


So.....we had one very brave angler onboard yesterday's

Walkaboard Wednesday trip.  Seems he caught himself!

And - just when the fishing was getting really good.

As you can see, he was very lucky to have Capt. Bob aka Dr. Bob

onboard to safely and painlessly remove the hook and

apply the necessary bandages.

I will be making a special trip to CVS today to replenish the kit -

although I personally feel this looks really cool. 

This angler thought he should win the pool with his special catch.

09-May-13 MAY 5th AND MAY 7th

Every now and then the fish reports get ahead of us!  Bob is in the middle of an 8-trip run with only one day off to catch up on things like Coast Guard inspections and the Boston Bruins!  I can let you know that Sunday and Tuesday's trips were a success - of course since the new regs came out there are more throw-backs on the haddock, but still a decent catch of both haddock and cod.  To top off the trips he has had seal, dolphin and one of the best whale shows ever - with humpbacks, finbacks and one right whale in the same area.

05-May-13 May 4, 2013


The regs have changed - the weather has done the same - and

we had a great group of anglers who made the best of it.

28-Apr-13 April 28, 2013's Sunday morning and Bob's out fishing and I'm home working in the "home office" when suddenly a 7' porbeagle shark lands in my inbox.  Bob called to explain.....Well, we were haddock fishing and doing quite well when the shark appeared on the scene - lines and harpoons were flying - anglers were cheering - and the shark was landed.  I'm sure there will be more to this story when he returns, but I do know all the anglers will be going home with some very delicious porbeagle shark to slap on the grill.


17-Apr-13 April 17, 2013


Today is our first Walkaboard Wednesday.  The first 2-3 hours of the trip we had a lot of

fish around - many doubles - mostly haddock

We averaged out at 10 fish per person.

17-Apr-13 April 16, 2013

The Erica Lee II - First day of the 2013 season.April 16

Bob and crew - one old mate and one new - had a very successful first trip of the season.  The Erica Lee II left the dock at 6 AM with a full boat of talented anglers and returned with a great daily catch - averaging

15 fish per person.

16-Sep-12 September 16, 2012

Again, we had a good day fishing, but under very different, more challenging conditions.  We travelled the 30 miles from the mouth of the river.  The winds were WNW with a good chill in the air.  The winds picked up to around 20 knots and the tide was up into the wind - making things really difficult.  The 'chute saved the da.  We ended the day with 91 fish - 70% good-sized haddock.

16-Sep-12 September 15, 2012

We left the dock at 6AM with 13 anglers in

a light drizzle.  Our journey took us 30 miles from

the mouth of the river, but the long trip paid off.  We

ended the day with 144 fish - 80% were nice-sized

haddock along with some cusk, cod and hake.  We had

a nice drift all day with no dogs.

We seem to be getting back into the swing of things

for Fall fishing!

20-Jun-12 June 20, 2012


A great day at sea - hot -too hot at times - and calm.

Bob stayed out an extra hour since the fish started coming in

late in the day - these pictures tell the rest of the story.

14-Jun-12 Deep Sea Fishing

 Today we did not have the constant rain/wind/drizzle as yesterday.  We did have a steady wind out of the NE 15-20 or better with 4-5' seas.  We did have another talented group of anglers - we marked fish all day.  In spite of the almost ideal conditions, the fish were just not biting like yesterday and our 16 anglers went home with 57 fish.  The wind finally died down at the end of the day.

13-Jun-12 June 13, 2012

Today was a wet/rainy day - all day.  Our Walkaboard trips are usually made up of very talented anglers and this  trip was no exception.  We marked fish all day - and fish were caught all day.  Our 14 anglers caught 251 fish - 80% haddock and 20% cod. 





07-Jun-12 June 6, 2012

After 4 days of NE wind, rain and high seas and some false NOAA weather reports, we finally got a break for a walkaboard Wednesday.  We left the dock at 6AM with 14 anglers.  We motordrifted all day in one area and everyone was on jigs. Cod from 15-44 lb came aboard in just about every drift.  This is the first time this year I saw the fish beat up on the anglers.  We cut the day short since everyone had met their limit. 



02-Jun-12 June 2, 2012

The forecast called for calm seas and decent weather; however, we left the dock in tough NE conditions wit 3-4' seas. Once we were on anchor, we started catching fish.  A 12 lb. cod was the largest and we ended the day with 52 cod and 25 haddock.  The seas did lay down after the day went on - not quite what was called for.  The dogfish have started showing up as well. 


31-May-12 May 30, 2012

We left the dock at 6AM with our group of anglers.  We had a slow roll on and less than 100 yards visibility which improved as the day went on.  We started catching fish on our second stop - a lot of small ones had to go back.  We did better at our next stop in deeper water, but still a lot of throwbacks.  We ended the day with an average of 10 fish per person - though we threw back twice that number.  More cod than haddock.


25-May-12 May 24, 2012

Today was a cool, foggy day - we had 8 corporate people - repeat offenders - Just a nice, quiet day as they picked away at fish all day - we ended the day with 73-75 fish -

23-May-12 May 23, 2012

Today was an excellent weather day - Our 11 anglers - who are loaded with talent - caught a total of 167 fish - 50/50 cod and haddock.  No big stuff, but a steady catch.  Cheryl who continues to hold the highliner record on the Erica Lee II had 15 keepers for the day.  A fellow angler lost his rod and reel overboard while fishing the bow with Cheryl.  Cheryl continued to fish and while reeling in her catch, she hooked onto the "lost" rod and reel.  That rig also had a fish on.  So Cheryl was able to pull in both fish and retrieve the rod and reel - valued between $300 and $400.  Her very happy fellow angler wanted to know how to pay her for her catch and she replied, "just send me a Christmas card". 

Cheryl with her catch of the day..

Cheryl - after her "catch of the day"

Here's Cheryl after her "catch of the day"

21-May-12 May 21, 2012

Not one of our best days - but one of our best groups.

14 anglers - 98 fish - 50/50 cod and haddock

The gentleman to the right of me is one of Tewksbury's Finest - Retired.

35 years ago he started fishing with me with some of the people from his department.

On one memorable day the fishbox was full of haddock and pollack - we started marking tuna so

a handline was put over the side with a live herring.  That day ended with a 500+ pound tuna

along with the cooler full of fish.  They have been with me ever since and we are now fishing with the

next generation of Tewksbury's finest anglers.

One of Tewksbury's Finest

20-May-12 May 20, 2012

This is always a fun group for us - we left the dock at 7AM with 13 anglers, good weather and good fishing.  We ended the day with 115 fish - 90% haddock.

11-May-12 May 10, 2012



This was a day when we really thought twice before venturing out.  The wind was blowing, but calling for diminishing winds in the afternoon.  We headed out - the wind wasn't too bad, but we had 4-5' seas for a bit.  Our hardy anglers choose to fish and are glad they did.  As you can see from the pictures, the trip was worthwhile.

06-May-12 May 6, 2012

Another good-weather day - and good fish day.  Our 16 anglers caught 121 fish - averaging 7-8 fish per person.  Most of the boats headed to the NE and I headed to the SE - picked up some nice haddock at our second stop. 

05-May-12 May 5, 2012

Finally some flat water - the fog lifted, the sun came out

and we had a little bit of a pick the first thing this morning,

that kept up for about 2 hours. More haddock than cod came

aboard.  Three of the anglers were in the high teens in numbers, but

after the day was over we put about 110 fish aboard the boat - not

counting redfish.

04-May-12 May 2, 2012

We left the dock at 6AM with our usual group of hardy anglers - the weather was a bit more

cooperative than the past few days.  Just a slow roll.

Not a bad day fishing either - about 180 fish total.

30-Apr-12 April 29, 2012

We left the dock at 8AM - a bit late in my opinion - with the same weather report as Saturday.  But..........when we left the mouth of the Merrimac River it was a totally different story.  It was a "bluebird" day with 1' chop.  26-27 miles out we started on the haddock and cod - averaging 6-7 fish per angler.  The only thing negative about this trip was the heavy winds on the way home, making for an uncomfortable ride. 

30-Apr-12 April 28, 2012

Matt and I discussed the weather and sea conditions on Friday and by Friday evening it was decided that the trip could go on.  The weather was calling for 10-15 with gusts to 20.  We left the Merrimac River with winds out of the NW 15-20.  By the time we got 1/2 way to the ledge the gusts were up to 25 with seas 3-4'.  Nothing was happening on the west side of the ledge - it was all happening on the east which was 28 miles out.  It was just a cold, windy, miserable day - one of the worst that I can remember with both the fish count and the weather on the downside. 

25-Apr-12 Walkaboard Wednesday

There's a good reason that I like to hold off on canceling

any trips by listening to weather hype and other charterboat captains.

I called off today's Walkaboard trip last night and should have

waited until this morning to see what the sea conditions really were.

As you can see from the picture below, the sea was pretty flat - with a

roll on out of the southwest.

We could have gone fishing!


22-Apr-12 April 22, 2012


Hard core - hard assed fishermen.  We had northeast winds with 2-3's on the way out.  The fishing started slowly - the opposite of yesterday.  The wind picked up and the seas went to 3-4's with occasional 5's.  We decided to make one more stop before calling it a day.  After we made the move, rods started bending and fish started coming.  Finally, everybody was out on deck and hard at it.  Jigs, bait - cod and haddock.  The last hour and one-half made the trip.  We probably caught 60% haddock and 40%





This gentle giant of a gentleman was having a nap

before the big catch came.



22-Apr-12 April 21, 2012

Saturday - We left the dock at 6AM and had a bit of a SE roll on the way out.  We had a good bite in the morning and then it slowed down as the day went on.  We had a slow pick for the rest of the day and had to do some motor drifting to make the ones, twos and threes come in.  We ended the day with about 100 fish - 90% haddock - the rest cod and pollock.

20-Apr-12 April 18, 2012

After a successful day on the water yesterday, we headed to the same location with a very talented group of regulars for our Walkaboard Wednesday.  We still had the weather with us with just a bit of roll on the fishing grounds.  We ended the day with 72 fish - not too shabby, but not the catch of yesterday.

17-Apr-12 First Trip of 2012

 Today was the first trip of the 2012 season - we left the dock with 14 anglers at 7:30 AM - a bit on the late side, but some were coming right from work.  We had a side to side roll from the SE which made it a bit uncomfortable for a few.  The bite was on right away at the first stop.  We had a slack in the tide which slowed everything down.  About an hour and one-half later, the bite began.  Fast and furious.  We ended the day with the full haddock limit per person, a half dozen cod - a lot of throwbacks - and a

pollock that took the pool.  A great way to start the season.



23-Oct-11 October 23, 2011

A great October day for deep-sea fishing.  The Erica Lee II left the dock at 6AM with one of our favorite regular groups of anglers - a group that knows how to fish in all conditions.  Although I'm putting this on the site before they are back to the dock, Bob called and said the conditions were perfect today and they ended up with over 100 fish.   We don't even have the weight of the largest codfish held up by Mike, but I should have an update shortly. 

UPDATE:  We ended the day with 135 fish and the cod pictured below weighed in at 41lbs.




20-Oct-11 October 19, 2011

Everything said to stay home on the 19th.  Weather conditions were supposed to be terrible with wind and rain.  However in looking at the reports late Tuesday, most of them did say our area would not receive the worst of these conditions until late in the day.  So....Bob and Seth departed at 6AM  and returned around 3:30  with a following sea, a boatload of fish and 12 happy anglers. A 19-lb.  pollock took the pool.

20-Oct-11 October 12, 2011

 A group of our frequent Walkaboard Wednesday anglers joined Bob and the Erica Lee II crew for a deep-sea trip.  The weather was good - just a bit of a breeze and a nice warmup as the day went on.  The fishing started out quite slowly and it looked like it was going to be a bad day of fishing - even though an enormous carrot cake, a huge marble cake, dozens of cookies and home-cooked chicken came along for the ride.  Luckily the picnic at sea was interrupted when Bob found a great spot and everyone started bailing fish into the boat.  He ended the day with just under 100 fish.  A  great way to spend your 65th birthday!

29-Sep-11 September 28, 2011

The weather looked iffy all week, but we hung in there and left the dock at 6AM with 10 anglers. 

The day was almost perfect - warm, sunny and just a bit breezy - not the rain and heavy wind predicted. 

Bob found a good spot, utilized the 'chute and we did a few slow drifts throughout

the day.  Our 10 anglers ended the day with 121 fish - 74 haddock and the rest cod, pollock

and a few cusk.  We were not bothered too much by the dogs and had no blue dog

sharks all day.






    Only these two know what is so funny!

25-Sep-11 September 24, 2011

The Erica Lee II left her dock in Newburyportat 5 AM with 11 eager anglers.

The weather was still cloudy with a bit of drizzle, but when we got to the fishing

grounds, the drizzle had stopped and we had a slight roll on.  We used the 'chute and made only

2 drifts for the day.  We ended the day with 110 fish - mostly haddock, some cod and pollock and one

22" halibut that was returned to the sea .We had blue dog sharks around all day and lost 15-18

rigs and the fish that were on them due to their presence.  We found that if you reel in really fast, you can get by some of the blue dogs.
 This was another great day with a great group.

19-Sep-11 September 17, 2011

 When the Erica Lee II left the dock, the sun was shinning and the winds were light and variable - perfect conditions.  We couldn't ask for a better day this time of year.  The biggest problem of the day was tide and wind, but the 'chute bailed us out and we ended the day with 110 keepers - 80% haddock.



03-Sep-11 September 3, 2011

 The Erica Lee II left the dock in Newburyport at 8AM with a concerning 12-14K SE breeze.  By the time we arrived at Jeffreys Ledge, the seas were running in the 4's with an occasional 6.  We had a light group of 10 people who did very well in spite of the conditions.  The chute paid for itself today!  In one drift we had 80 fish - 3/4 nice haddock - the rest cod and pollock.  The high hook for the day was 18 fish.  The weather did improve during the day and the sun came out - an excellent day at sea.

18-Jun-11 June 17, 2011

This was a perfect evening for both our crew and the anglers who chartered the Erica Lee II.  We left the dock at 3:30 in the afternoon and headed out to catch some mackerel.  After bringing in about a dozen fish, they were put in the live well.  Then the real fun began.  There is nothing as exciting as fishing live mackerel to catch stripers.  Very often you can see the bass approaching the mackerel and the mackerel taking off as it is being pursued.  But at the time of hookup as the line is peeling out and the rod is bent over, a whole new appreciation for sportfishing can be felt.  Our evening ended at 7:30 with two nice keepers, 4 throwbacks and some great fishing memories.

Beth tries her hand at holding the fish!!

16-Jun-11 June 15, 2011 Walkaboard Wed.

We opened this date up just a week ago and were able to come up with 9 anglers. 

The wind and sea calmed down quite a bit as the day went on and the fishing was a slow pick most of the day. 

We ended the day with about 80 fish and 9 very happy anglers.

15-Jun-11 June 14, 2011

Tuesday, June 14th, the Erica Lee II left the dock with a hearty group of anglers who have been fishing with us for a few years now.  It was not a good weather day at all.  A bit of a drizzle here and there, 4-5' seas and 18-20 knots of wind.  No other group but this one could have done what they did under these conditions.  We ended the day with 98 fish - mostly cod.




12-Jun-11 June 11, 2011

It has been up and down fishing and weather this whole spring season.  Today was one of those "down" days - overcast, wet and damp all day long.  We had a group of talented, repeat offenders on the boat, but the fish were just not there in great numbers.  We did have a slow pick of fish all day and ended the day with 80 fish - not a bad number for the day according to radio reports from other vessels in the same area.

09-Jun-11 June 8, 2011

Most of our Walkaboard Wednesday trips consist of "repeat offenders" who just can't get enough of the good fishing that is typical in the Springtime in New England.  We had 4 new anglers onboard and really hoped they would find the long drive worthwhile.  The fishing lately has been off/on - one day really great - the next day terrible.  We hoped to fall somewhere in the middle on this trip.  We left the dock at 6AM with 14 passengers in very calm seas, no wind and rapidly warming temperatures as the sun made its appearance.  We tried 3 spots, but nothing came over the rail worth chatting about.  Then we went further.  Bob gave the signal to drop the lines and a combination of jigs and baits went to work.  The fish started coming aboard right away - mostly haddock and almost all on baits.  Some of the jig fishermen switched to baits and more fish were caught - a mixture of cod, haddock, cusk and pollock.  It didn't take too long for the fish to respond to both bait and jigs and everyone was catching fish.   We ended the day with 156 fish, 14 happy anglers and 4 new anglers who assured us they would return. 

05-Jun-11 June 4, 2011

According to the weather forecasters, this should have been a good weather day off the coast.  It was not!  We had 18K winds out of the East with 2-3' seas.  Since the ocean temp is still quite cold, the air was cold as well.  However, we had some hardy anglers onboard and ended the day with 140 fish - a mix of haddock and cod. 


04-Jun-11 Deep-Sea Fishing

The Erica Lee II left the dock at 6AM with a group that has been with us for two "family" generations.  They had heard about the catch from yesterday's report and were quite eager to match that.  When Bob got to the spot he was on yesterday, there was another boat already anchored there - it's hard to keep your favorite locations a secret with today's technology!!  The weather and sea conditions were good, but the fishing was not.  We ended the day with a total catch of 35 fish - and though disappointed in their catch, our  group of anglers assured us they would be back. 

02-Jun-11 June 2, 2011

Today we had a 9-hour trip with 9 very talented anglers - The Erica Lee II left the dock at 6AM with a mild breeze out of the West/Southwest, clear skies and 1-2' chop.  We stopped in the area I fished in yesterday, but the fish were not there.  We moved a couple more miles to the east in a couple hundred feet of water.  Shortly after we started fishing using both jigs and bait the boxes were getting filled and the jiggers were getting tired.  There was only one angler still jigging - Dave Turner - of Dave Turner Custom Built Jigging Rods.  Everyone else ended up using bait at the end.  The tide was ripping off the back of the boat and we still continued to catch fish.  We ended the day with a mix of cod haddock and pollock.  The ride in was OK for the first 5 miles and then quite rough with a strong wind out of the west.

 An overflow problem with haddock, cod and pollock

02-Jun-11 June 1, 2011

 Another successful Walkaboard Wednesday Trip

We left the dock at 6AM with southeast winds 10-12Kts. We headed to Jefferies Ledge and fished in deep water - 350'-

All jig fish - a mixture of large market cod and about a half-dozen steaker cod - the biggest was a 30 pounder. At the end of the day we anchored up in shallow water and caught a few haddock.  By this time the wind was blowing south at 30 kts. with 6-7' seas. A very slow, sloppy ride home.

Our 12 anglers ended the day with a total of 98 fish.

Either one of his larger fish would have taken the pool!One happy, frequent angler on the Erica Lee II

30-May-11 May 30, 2011

The Erica Lee II left the dock at 5AM with 13 anglers on board.  We have had this group before and they just love to fish - and fish they did.  We had one father and son "team" who caught the largest amount of fish for the day.

29-May-11 May 29-2011

The same group as yesterday was on today - a few of the faces had changed - along with the weather and sea conditions.  It was still quite foggy, but the sun was trying hard to break through.  We used the chute most of the day and ended up with a total of 91 fish.  Not bad for 7 anglers.  70% of the fish were haddock. 


Lots of fish - all the way around the rail.A great day fishing on the Erica Lee II

29-May-11 May 28-2011

Saturday, May 28th, we left the dock at 6AM with 8 anglers.  It was cold, rough and very thick fog - so thick that it was pouring into the cockpit through the open windows.  By the time we arrived at the fishing grounds we had one angler seasick and the others worked hard at bringing in the catch of the day.  We ended the day with around 56 fish - a mix of cod and haddock.

26-May-11 May 26, 2011

The boat is just heading in, but Bob has already sent me these two pictures.  Stay tuned for the fish report!

25-May-11 Walkaboard Wednesday

The Erica Lee II left the dock at 6AM with a group of 15 talented anglers - most of them "repeat offenders".  We had one of the best weather days of the season and drifted or motor-drifted all day.  With a slow pick of fish, we ended the day with 97 fish, mostly cod. Things are finally looking up!

24-May-11 May 23, 2011

We left the dock at 7AM with 9 anglers eager to meet the challenge of deep-sea fishing.  However, we were met with the usual - for this Spring fishing season - blowing wind, rough seas, occasional showers and a general chill in the air.  Even the fish did not show up for this event.  We ended the day with 30-35 fish in the boat. 

22-May-11 Not a good sea day at the Mouth of the River


We left the dock at 7AM with 16 anglers.  The wind was coming from the East - Northeast 10-15.  It was the bottom of the outgoing tide and the mouth of the river was a mess.  We went around the north jetty and headed up towards Salisbury Beach about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile and then headed east.  Two miles off the beach we had Raycor filter problems.  Not a good sign.  We headed back in through the mess.  The mate took these pictures.


21-May-11 Saturday, May 21, 2011

Finally, a flat day with no rain.  We were able to drift and motordrift all day. 

Our 10 anglers caught 92 fish - 90% haddock.  A 12-lb codfish took the pool.   





14-May-11 May 14, 2011

 Nice ride out today - calm and a little overcast.  We went to the area that I thought I should have gone to the day before.  Again, it was a slow pick no matter where we went.  We picked up a few fish at each stop - mostly haddock and cusk and a few cod.  A 10-lb. cod took the pool.  Again we had one angler take 10 fish and another take 11 out of the 55 fish caught.  We did catch a number of redfish, which I don't put in the count, but they are excellent fish to eat.


13-May-11 May 13, 2011

We left the dock with 8 eager anglers (on Friday the 13th!!!!).  The seas had finally calmed down after many, many days of turbulent waters.  We had southeast winds and a nice sunny day.  However, this is one of those days when I think I should have zigged instead of zagged.  We went south and had a slow pick of fish - a mix of haddock and cod.  No one took a jig out.  The two anglers in the corner stern did very well - one took 10 fish and the other took 11 fish out of the total 45 fish caught.  I'm not sure what that tells you.....The mouth of the river was a little dicey on the way in. 

07-May-11 May 7, 2011

Capt. Bob and his crew left the dock in Newburyport this morning at 6AM with 16 anglers on board.  The wind was out of the    southeast 15-18 knots which made for a rough ride out.  The fishing was slow to start, but picked up as the day went on.  We ended the day with 92 fish.  82 Haddock and 10 codfish.

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05-May-11 Thursday, May 5, 2011


The Erica Lee II left the dock at 7AM with 14 experienced anglers.  The weather was still acting up with winds out of the west 12-15 and whitecaps all around.  We had an early bite with a mixture of cod and haddock.  The wind and seas calmed down in the afternoon and we had a nice drift.  The bite stopped at noon with still a slow pick here and there.  A 17 lb. cod won the pool.  We ended the day with 47 haddock and 26 codfish.  Things seem to be picking up.

02-May-11 Sunday, May 1, 2011

We left the dock at 7AM with an elite group of highly trained anglers - snipers of fish!  These guys are not afraid of bad weather and usually welcome it.  (or cause it).  They have been getting in shape all winter for this special event and we knew we were in for a spectacular demonstration of courage, tenacity and extreme skill.

We spent the night before in preparation - watched a Bruins game, ate a high-protein meal, got our 8-hours of snoozing and then snapped to at 5AM.  With lunches packed, ice and bait loaded into the truck, our captain and crew left for the boat.  Bait was cut with precision, rods lined up in anticipation of the hunt on the ledge.  We were ready.

Rough ride out - 15-18 knots of wind out of the North, Northeast.  We had to anchor all day which makes a big difference in the bite.  We ended the day with 66 fish - a mixture of cod and haddock.  We threw back about 100 cod.  It's good to see the fishing pick up a bit - just need the wind to settle down a bit more. 

But, with the equivalent of a Navy-Seal Team 6 on board, we broke the curse and can now move forward in combat to capture more of the elusive cod and haddock.  Well done Team!!   You make a captain proud..

30-Apr-11 April 30, 2011

Finally - a good day at sea.The Erica Lee II left the dock at 7AM with 10 anglers just hoping to help break the bad spell of fishing and weather.  And it finally happened.  Today's weather was the best weather day of the season with light winds and warmer air.  We were able to drift all day and ended the day with 64 fish - a mixture of cod and haddock and one cusk.  About 100 short cod were returned to the sea. 

28-Apr-11 Wed. May 27, 2011

 Again we had a boatload of talent and Bob was determined to catch a boatload of fish.  He talked to some captains down south and the fishing seemed a bit better than up this way.  So, with great talent, great bait and pretty good sea and weather conditions, the Erica Lee II headed 40 miles to the south only to return with a very tired crew and captain - and not tired from catching fish.  Of note, the weather has been pretty brutal this year, the ocean is still quite cold and we all think - with a bit of optimism - that this warmer spell of weather will finally bring the fish in.  Stay tuned - we have some great charters booked for the weekend - if the fish are in, these anglers will get them.

28-Apr-11 Monday, April 25, 2011

We seem to be stuck in a terrible weather/fish pattern.  This day was no different than the last two trips.  We ended the day with about 25 fish.   

28-Apr-11 Wed. April 20, 2011

Our walkaboard Wednesday trips are usually filled with the best of the best anglers and they certainly showed up for this trip.  However, the weather was still quite uncooperative and the fish were very scarce. In times like this, Bob pulls out every trick in the book, calls all the knowledgeable, truthful captains, looks back at previous years catches and will travel further and longer in the hope of finding a good fish spot. - yes, even in times of increased fuel costs.  All that effort did not pay off on this day, but the fish are bound to show up some time soon.

17-Apr-11 Saturday, April 16

Everyone from New England knows that if you wait a minute the weather will change.  Well, the same thing holds true for the fishing.  Last Saturday, it was non-stop fish and good weather.  Today, the wind was blowing a bit, the temperature was quite cool and a few showers showed up.  But the fish did not.  Bob ended the day with 36 fish.  22 Haddock, 12 cod and 2cusk. 

09-Apr-11 April 9, 2011

Bob and Adam left the dock at 7AM with 16 anglers for our first trip of the 2011 season.  The fish reports during the week were not very promising, so Bob decided to bypass the inside grounds and headed further out.  This effort (along with the extra fuel) paid off bigtime.  By 1PM, everyone on board was pretty exhausted, and with 331 haddock on deck, fish were cleaned all the way back to the dock and still there were plenty more to clean.  So, we had our first fresh haddock dinner of the season and Bob was sound asleep by 7:30PM!  This was an excellent group of talented anglers with a couple of first-timers in the mix.

  .Time to start cleaning!A great way to begin our 2011 season

Jigging for giants pays off..


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